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What has he written?

It all started when I went to a website called in 2009. I was in college and I wanted to start writing fiction. It took me about a year to get my first piece published with a  blog called the platinum page. In October 2010. The published story was called, "A Pastors Story".  It was about a little kid who's false claims of molestation imprisoned a pastor in a Christmas carol parody.

My next piece of writing happened in July 2011, I won 2nd place in a competition with my short story, "Grand Theft Auto and Soup." It was a part of the book  Regrets and other short stories, it's available here, "".

I won 3rd place in the same competition in august 2011. My story, "Teachers With Benefits," graced the pages of  Resonance and other short stories. That's available here, ""

In September 2011, I won 4th place in the same competition. I was beginning to notice a pattern here and chose not to reenter. My work the Necropediologist, slipped into Far Cursed Shores and other short stories, that's available here:

I focused on school for awhile, then in June 2012 a small blog picked up my story, "Red-neck Gas Station," and in September 2012 took on my story, "Lobster Love." This blog is free, it's called linguistic erosion and can be found here: "".

In November 2012, The Larks Fiction magazine picked up my story, "A Battle Of Wits and Tenure," which was about a professor mentally fighting with his brilliant student. That can be found here: ""

In December 2012, Clever Magazine took on my work, "Red Versus White. A story that makes another huge story out of a short seemingly innocent car ride. That can be found here, "".

In February of 2013 Young adult magazine commissioned me to write a story to mirror some irresponsible celebrity stunts and promote responsibility. You can find my story, The Old Brown Fuzzy Bear here, "".

In April 2013, I was published with Surreal Grotesque, a small blog. They decided that my story, "The Best High School Prank of 2063," was good enough to publish. You can find that here, "".

In August 2013, my story, "The Blood contract was picked up by Salem Cemetery", which is a publication by Inwood Indiana Press. They have it for sale here, "".

On October 7th 2013, Linguistic Erosion picked up, "What a wonderful world." It's now available here, "".

Additionally, throughout 2013 I'd sold over 7000 self-published ebooks on amazon kindle. The top series being, Clever Minecraft Traps 1-5 and How to make an epic Minecraft Castle. These are available below. I hope you enjoy reading some of my stories!

Degrees and Education

B.A. Writing and Rhetoric, Oakland University April 2013

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